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Cox Aluminum, Inc. has been in the industry for over 30 years and during that time we have been a leading distributor of window and door products offering a complete set of glass type options.

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Cox Aluminum prides itself on being an industry leading window and door company serving clients in Port Richey, New Port Richey, Pasco County, Hernando County, Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, Trinity and surrounding areas of Florida. There are three basic types of windows and doors, as defined by the material from which the frames are made and we invite you to read below to get a clear understanding and fundamental differences.


In warmer climates, aluminum windows and doors remain a popular choice. Although aluminum conducts heat and cold more easily than wood or vinyl, more energy efficient aluminum frames incorporate thermal breaks that prevent heat or cold from being conducted through the frame. Aluminum frames also offer the greatest benefits of strength, low maintenance and relatively low cost. While old aluminum products were usually unpainted, today’s aluminum windows and doors are finished with a durable electrostatic paint process in a variety of colors for low maintenance and a traditional appearance.


More and more windows and doors are being made of vinyl or similar materials such as fiberglass, windows with vinyl frames have excellent insulating properties. Vinyl does not conduct heat or cold easily, and the multi-chambered designs of vinyl frames adds insulating value. Although vinyl frames usually can’t be painted, they also do not peel or deteriorate in the same way as wood. The quality and cost of vinyl windows and doors varies considerably. When evaluating quality, you should pay particular attention to the finish of the frames and whether or not the joints are welded.

Accents & Options

Grilles or Muntins simulate a divided lite appearance that can add architectural interest and a traditional look to your windows and doors. You may choose them for windows on the street side, where they’ll add the most to your home’s appearance. Muntins may be applied to the interior or exterior of your windows or both. With insulating glass, muntins may be installed between the panes of glass, making for easier washing.

Window and Door Styles

Single Hung Windows

Open and close by moving the lower panel or sash of the window. Thus, only half of the window area can be opened for ventilation. This is the most traditional-looking style of window.

Horizontal Roller Windows

These are like a single hung window turned on its side. One or both of the sashes move sideways on rollers to open the window. Horizontal Roller Windows can be an economical choice for larger openings.

Casement Windows

Open and close using a crank or lever. The casement style opens up the entire window area to the breeze, and seals very tightly against drafts and moisture. Casement windows also provide easy egress in case of emergency.

Fixed Lite Windows

These do not open at all, but are designed to provide light and architectural interest where ventilation is not needed. They range from the familiar picture window style to squares, circles, octagons and a variety of other shapes, in virtually any size.

Sliding Glass Doors

Come in two-, three- or four-panel versions. They provide a contemporary look and are popular for providing access to pools, patios and decks. Pay particular attention to the rollers and how easily the doors slide.

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